Newsletter #1 for 2010

January 8, 2010

Happy New Decade and welcome to the first What I Wish I Knew newsletter for Twenty Ten. Hope you had as good a Chrissy as I did – with kids 3 and 6 who were literally fizzing with excitement.

Anyhoo, the purpose of the What I Wish I Knew newsletter (and soon to be blog as then I can do it from my trendy iPhone) is to send out some tasty previews of the next books on the way – including some extra quotes that made the cutting room floor so to speak, to keep you up to date with the growing What I Wish I Knew community, and occasionally sneak in a bit about what I’m up to outside of the series.

So what’s the big news for early 2010?

What I Wish I Knew about Love

The long awaited sequel to WIWIK Eighteen hits the shelves in late March this year. Which is ridiculously exciting, of course. My co-author on the first book, Dan Gregory, has retired from the series for the moment so it’s my official “first book.” I got a copy in my hands just before Chrissy and I think you’ll love it. (Get it? Love it? Hah, I’ve still got it.) Just like the first book it’s got a few famous faces in it (no I won’t tell you who just yet, it’s a surprise) but, like first time round, the celebs are in there for their interesting lives not the star factor. It’s full of people who have loved and lost, loved and regained, and some that have never loved at all.

A few themes kept coming up in the interviews so I’ll run through those as we get closer to the book’s release. The first thing that almost everyone said is perfectly summed up by Comic Julia Morris’ page.

Fantastic eh? So what else is on?

What I Wish I Knew about Business – Listening to Leaders

It’s not just big personal issues where we can benefit from the experience of others. So I’m launching into a business series this year – the first one being What I Wish I Knew about Leadership. I’ve already interviewed some incredible people for it – Naomi Simson from RedBalloon, James Stevens from Roses Only, Emanuel Perdis from Napoleon Perdis, Microfinance Entrepreneur and Senior Australian of the Year, David Bussau and Internet Marketing legend Seth Godin. I’ll include snippets of these interviews in future newsletters but if you’re keen to get the early scoop on them, keep your eyes out for the next issue of the awesome ThinkBig magazine – they’re running an interview every issue till the book comes out.

What I Wish I Knew about Motherhood – calling all Mums

I’m in the process of interviewing for the next book in the “Lifestyle Series” (Ugh, can anyone think of another name? Please email me!) So if you know a mum (or you are a mum) who has a fascinating story to tell about the highs and lows of motherhood, don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

What I Wish I Knew about Reader’s Digest

I’m absolutely thrilled that I’ve been asked by Reader’s Digest to write a monthly What I Wish I Knew article (big thanks to everyone who added a “well done on RD” to your request to be on the mailing list.) They’re not as serious as the books and more what I’d call “Sit Down Comedy”. The first one is What I Wish I Knew about Summer Holidays and – in case you missed it – I’ve attached it as a pdf here.

What I Wish I Knew about Shameless, Blatant Plugs

Okay okay, I hear what you saying “I knew he’d get around to promoting his speaking gigs in his first newsletter! Hit that unsubscribe button NOW!” I am, but only because I’m doing a gig with a wonderful woman who is in What I Wish I Knew about Love, Ingrid Poulson. I’m doing a public seminar on Resilience, in Sydney on Feb 27th, with Ingrid and the superb Dr Happy himself, Timothy Sharp. It should be a fantastic day as Timothy Sharp is Australia’s foremost expert on Positive Psychology and Ingrid Poulson is an extraordinary woman who has bounced back from things that would knock most of us flat. There is an early-bird discount for the seminar if you book before the end of January. For more details see the Happiness Institute website here (

Well, that wasn’t half bad was it?

Thanks very much for reading. I’ll keep the previews of the next books coming, and next time I’ll tell you all about the What I Wish I Knew idea my wonderful wife, Allie, is starting on.

I promise I’ll get back to you soon.

Marty “Yep that really is me at eighteen” Wilson


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