What I Wish I Knew about the Law of Attraction

January 20, 2010

I am thrilled with my holiday, because it’s all gone totally wrong.

I need to write an epilogue to my article in the current Reader’s Digest – “What I Wish I Knew about Summer Holidays”. I have called down a curse upon myself by putting it out there that “The greatest memories come from the catastrphes. (Click on the images to read the articles)

I’ve arrived up here for two weeks holidays at Shoal Bay. So far

1. the fridge door seal had broken some time in the last 2 months so that when we arrived the whole house reeked of rotten food and maggots

2. the washing machine decided it won’t spin anymore, so we’re having to hand wring everything out (Oh, for a mangle!)

3. the replacement fridge arrived yesterday. Didn’t work. DOA. The repairman came and said it had left the factory with no gas in it. “So it works, it just won’t get cold” (kind of a raison d’etre for a fridge)

4. the fridge shop has run out of the only model of fridge that fits in our slot, so we’re living out of an esky filled with ice until next week.

The great thing is, after writing this article I’m finding the whole thing INCREDIBLY FUNNY. When it should be pissing me off no end. Every time something else goes wrong, I grin from ear to ear, rub my hands together and say “fantastic, there’s another article for Reader’s Digest”

Hope your holidays are a complete mess too!



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