Happy Valentine’s Day for the 22nd Feb!

February 22, 2010

Maybe click on Chris Tola’s image and read his quote first, then pop back up here…

Remember when Valentine’s Day used to be the day for everyone to send secret love notes to someone who had no idea you had the hots for them?

Call me a cranky old 42-year-old, call me churlish, if you want to you can even call me curmudgeonly, but I believe the whole day was so much better when it was a day to try and start a relationship. Now we’ve all all been sucked in to believing it’s a day for buying jewellery, lingerie and parachute jumps for people we’ve been going out with for decades.

One of the reasons I’m the luckiest bugger in the world is my wife, Allie, agrees. She is English, of course, so the logic of “Well darling, the traditional thing to do would be…” often works (as does her idea that we start our own, “new tradition” of flowers coming within 7 days either side of Valentine’s Day.)

But I love Chris Tola’s quote, because I reckon if you have to wait until Valentine’s Day to get all romantic-like and buy your lover chocolates/roses/a complete set of this years footy cards, you don’t deserve someone as wonderful as them anyway.



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