What I Wish I Knew about Missing Someone (a bit)

March 22, 2010

I’m up at Shoal Bay – on the coast about three hours north of Sydney – on a self-imposed writer’s boot camp retreat sort of thingy. Getting a whole heap of authoring type stuff done before What I Wish I Knew about Love hits the shelves next week. Churning through loads of work, so as a writer it feels great. As a hubby and father, not so hot. The best family holiday we’ve ever had was at this spot in January so, sigh, I’m missing them bad. And feeling a bit guilty about being up here – here’s the sunrise yesterday.

However, speaking with my wife, Allie, last night and she said – as she had many times when I was often away as a Stand Up: “You know, we do miss you, but it’s actually really smooth, and nice, and easy much easier you’re away. The house just works.”

I don’t know whether to laugh, weep, or just get on with the work without the guilt. Harrumph. Can other wives (or hubbies) tell me if this is normal when one parent goes away?

I’m going for a swim.


2 Responses to “What I Wish I Knew about Missing Someone (a bit)”

  1. Allie Says:

    Hey love,

    That sounds dreadful when i read it in print.

    I don’t mean to make you weep, sorry.

    We miss you so much. But what I’m saying is I can focus on the demands of the kids, the house and then me. So when I say it’s easier its just one persons needs out of the equation (for a while) but I’m thinking and loving you all the time.

    For example: I stop doing some things I need/want to do when you are home, as I love spending time with you and having a cuddle on the couch whilst watching a movie instead of getting on with the ironing when the basket is flowing over!

    So work without the guilt and enjoy it while you can love. You’ll soon be back amongst the noise, fights, interruptions and house full of lego that kill your feet when you step on it!

    I also have an even greater respect for single parents doing this day in and day out. It’s hard work.

    Maybe i should go away for a week. Sorry this is jumbled the kids are climbing all over me being a Velociraptor and an Allosaurus!!

    Can’t wait to see you on Friday!

    Love you – Al x

  2. Marty Wilson Says:

    Uh oh, sorry love, this was very tongue in cheek. Can’t wait to see you too.

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