What I Wish I Knew about the Director’s Cut

March 27, 2010

Here’s my last newsletter before the book hits the stores. Firstly have a look at this gorgeous quote from comic Cal Wilson. (And how awesome is her Fred Flintstone outfit?)

How nervous and shy and desperately keen to never ever ever be rejected are we when we’re young? And how little did it really matter? If you had your time over again, you’d just ask anyone out, wouldn’t you? “Hi, would you like a drink? No? Okay. What about your best friend there?” If you knew just how incredibly nervous everybody else was too, you just wouldn’t care…

The reason I chose this quote is that it’s actually one that “hit the cutting room floor” so to speak. Cal’s quote in the book is just as great, but totally different. And this is the perfect illustration of why I love doing the interviews for this series, every single person gives me at least three or four bits of advice that you just know would hit home. It’s so freakin hard choosing each person’s quote.

So I’m going to put a whole heap of exclusive, easter eggy, director’s cut type content up on www.whatiwishiknew.com and send out a clue from the book to access it. This will only be available for two weeks or so, as a thank you to everyone who nips out and picks up a copy nice and early. (Gratuitous hint hint)

On an incredibly self-serving personal note, of course I’ll never know if you buy the book or not, but if you do want to could I please beg you to pick one (or eighty) up in the next week or so? Early barnstorming sales get the bookshops talking and re-ordering…

Because I’m not above being a big dag myself, check this out. I was in Dymocks in Bondi today, and just happened to notice my book in a counter pack near the till (you can see it in the bottom right corner). Of course, I stayed really calm and cool and blurted out “That’s my book. That’s my book. That’s… MY… BOOOOOOOOOK!” The lady being served offered to take my photo (when I’d handed her my phone and said “Can you take my photo please.” And here it is.

Thanks very much for all your great feedback to my emails and blog, I really enjoy reading them. And if you happen to be in a bookshop in the next few weeks, ask if they’ve got What I Wish I Knew about Love. If they don’t, give them a false name and order ten copies.

Thanks again, I’ll drop another line on Monday with “the clue” to the behind the scenes stuff.

All the best



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