What I Wish I Knew about Inside vs Outside (and a perfect word)

May 2, 2010

My last blog about the website for cheaters was picked up by the Sydney Morning Herald – a very big thanks to Peter FitzSimons for waving it in front of the right people. (Click the image and have a read, it has a different, way more judgmental and obnoxious ending which I’m pretty pleased with)

SMH 02.05.10

Anyway, I just wanted to share two responses I had emailed to me directly within hours of the article appearing.

The first, Kate in Newport said “Thanks very much for coining the term ’emotional consumerism’ for this rubbish. It perfectly sums up how so often we seek to fix things that are inside by changing conditions that are outside. And this never, ever works.”

The second was someone living in Los Angeles who wrote “Yeah, he’s everywhere over here that guy. They have a word for him here that we don’t really use often back home, but it absolutely perfect. ‘Douchebag'”

Thanks everyone who sent their support. Go find some time to be with your loved ones. It’s Sunday and I’m blogging, time for me to do the same…

All the very bestest



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