December 14, 2010

Hi All,

In the fine tradition of What I Wish I Knew, my wonderful missus, Allie, gave me this fantastic card for my birthday today. (43, you cheeky thing for even asking!) On the inside it said “Thanks goodness we all get better with age.”

I can’t stop wondering what Bill & Hillary would say they wished they knew in this photo, so I thought I’d throw it open to readers of my newsletter, blog, facebook and spam.

The best thought from Bill and the best thought from Hillary wins an advance copy of What I Wish I Knew about Motherhood when it’s out in 2011.

Please submit all answers on my blog here

Hope you’re almost over the line for 2010.

Very plenty bestest




4 Responses to “”

  1. Mick Duncombe Says:

    Hilary’s thought – “I wish I knew he liked cigars”

  2. Margarine Says:

    Beige and toothy grins don’t do anything to enhance a photograph !

  3. Margarine Says:

    there would not be enough time or space to comment

  4. Linda Says:

    Hillary: (with gritted teeth) “I’ve just got to get through the next few years til we make it the White House.”
    Bill: (directed to the voluptuous female photographer) “Hey darlin’, you wanna go out sometime?”

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