What I Wish I Knew about The Price of Love

January 25, 2010

With Valentine’s Day around the corner and What I Wish I Knew about Love only weeks away, I thought I’d share a great tip I heard about the price of love. No, not the song by Bryan Ferry, a comment I heard yesterday. I was talking to Tim, a mate from school, who said someone asked him “What have you given up in your marriage to Mel?” He said he felt slightly guilty that he had to say “Well … I don’t get to run as often I suppose, but apart from that, not much.” The person then said to him “To understand just how wonderful your wife is, you should ask her the same question?”

What have you had to give up to be with your loved one?


2 Responses to “What I Wish I Knew about The Price of Love”

  1. Joe Says:

    Loved your Readers Digest article titled What I wish I knew about School Aug’2010 Issue of Readers Digest http://www.rd-india.com Very impressed with it and I’d like to blog the same but am unaware of copyrights issues so if feasible please feel free to update me on it. I’ll wait 🙂

    • Marty Wilson Says:

      Hi Joe
      Thanks for this, sorry but I’ve been traveling and only just worked out how to get blogging on my phone. I’m not sure about the copyright either, I think as long as you’re not charging money for it and you say where it’s from they should be okay.
      Send me a link when you can, I’d like to see it. Saw another one in RD Serbia once. Very cool.
      All the best

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